The missing link biomarker in cardiac testing

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– developing the missing link biomarker test for cardiovascular disease

CardiNor AS is a Norwegian biotech company recently established to handle the commercialization of Secretoneurin (SN), a new biomarker for cardiovascular disease (CVD).

Facts and figures

US cost on cardiovascular disease 3500 USD/sec.
One heart attac in US every 43 sec.

Latest news from CardiNor

Featured in CLI 01.09.2022: Secretoneurin: the next biomarker for cardiovascular disease.

Secretoneurin is a small neuropeptide detectable in the blood and is strong predictor for mortality in several patient cohorts with underlying cardiovascular disease. Here CardiNor introduce themselves and their work to develop a secretoneurin test to use as part of a biomarker panel for cardiovascular disease.

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