About Cardinor

CardiNor AS is a Norwegian diagnostic company founded in June 2015 with the purpose of fighting the Heart Failure (HF) epidemic by leveraging the patented blood biomarker secretoneurin (SN). CardiNor is located in Oslo with an R&D department in Bodø, in northern Norway.

SN addresses a medical unmet need by providing prognostic insights and risk stratification of patients with life threatening arrhythmias to aid in patient selection for ICD treatment (implantable cardioverter-defibrillator), and other cardiovascular diseases (CVD).

CardiNor received CE-IVD registration of its Secretoneurin ELISA assay end of 2021 and has now a strong focus on commercialisation of the test in Europe and in the US. Distribution agreements have been signed covering key markets in Europe, US and markets in South America and Asia. The company has established an extensive network of Key Opinion Leaders (KOLs) in the field that has provided CardiNor with access to large international, renowned clinical cohorts for the documentation and validation of the SN ELISA assay. Results from these trials have and will be presented at leading cardiovascular congresses in the US and Europe to further building the market acceptance for the test.
Supported by the Norwegian Research Council, CardiNor is on track with its bead-based SN assay for high throughput testing platforms.

CardiNor has a team of highly qualified employees with experience from leading diagnostics companies including development and commercialization of novel CVD biomarker tests worldwide.

The use of SN as a biomarker of CVD is based on research carried out by world leading cardiac authorities at Akershus University Hospital, Oslo University Hospital and Uppsala University Hospital, Sweden.